Climate Capital Technologies
Climate Capital Technologies
Climate Capital Technologies, a partnership between DECARD and Africa Investor, mobilises investment in nature-based and sustainable projects. By combining Africa Investor's project identification and vetting capabilities with DECARD's expertise in Web3 infrastructure and community-focused economic governance, Tagion network facilitates robust investment and capital facilitation of ESG projects at scale.
The goal is to create decentralised economic infrastructure using Web3 technology to identify Scope 3 emissions in value chains and accelerate capital flows into net-zero projects. The aim is to decarbonise infrastructure and scale up sustainable solutions. Visit the website here for more information. Climcap aims to achieve this by offering:
  • A Robust Green Solution: A decentralised, secure, and scalable application for storing and exchanging nature-based assets.
  • Scope Three Emissions Compliance: Helping organisations stay up to date with the latest regulations.
  • Climate Capital: Mobilising, accelerating, and deploying economic value to benefit the wider community and deliver real social benefits.
  • Carbon Audit: Providing tools for transparent and private carbon emissions accounting.