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Ready For New Ecosystems
Future-proof economies need a customisable, distributed and massively scalable foundation to build resilient use cases. Tagion is a decentralised network for high volume transactions and distributed solutions.
We stand out from the crowd
Massively scalable. Prepared for future growth
Tagion is unlike other ledgers technologies where all data history is stored. Delete obsolete data and save storage space. Own your data with a distributed database with full consensus.
Outstanding performance at speed, volume and low cost
Transfer money, exchange and validate data fast at almost no cost. Benefit from high transaction volumes and distributed storage optimised for high throughput.
No way of jumping the line
No risk of unfair transaction advantage. No need for oracles. Fair ordering ensures there’s no manipulation or bias.
Enhanced security with embedded randomness
Randomness makes it hard for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. It also opens possibilities for novel application features.
What is Tagion?
At its core, Tagion is designed for a massive scale. It's a Hashgraph-based system capable of handling a high volume of transactions at great speed with high security and low cost.
Tagion is a powerful asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (aBFT) foundational layer for:
01Digital payments
02Supply chain and logistics
03Stock Exchanges and trading platforms
04Digitalisation of real world assets (RWA)
Tagion is a toolbox for developers, communities and entreprises to build locally optimised, globally shared real-world use cases.
Atoms bond
Secure. Scalable.
8 seconds
to finality
Transfer money, exchange and validate data fast.
Transfer money at almost no cost.
Volume of transactions on par with VISA. Built to scale to hundreds of shards.
The Tagion consensus mechanism uses nearly no energy compared to PoW systems and you do not need to mine or stake a future!
Technology-driven reforestation
The Problem
Companies that ignore sustainability risk falling behind eco-friendly rivals. Taking care of climate issues, without engaging in greenwashing, is crucial for keeping a good reputation and earning people's trust.
Sustainability is no longer optional
It has become imperative to focus on it proactively - a fundamental prerequisite for businesses to maintain their license to operate credibly.
The Solution
Utilising Tagion technology, Aecorn ensures full traceability in the supply chain and transparent ownership of nature benefits setting a new standard for monitoring and documenting environmental stewardship in compliance with EU legislation.
Supply chain case
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