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Safe, secure and stable transactions and data storage powered by permissionless Tagion Hashgraph Consensus and Wavefront, Sybil-resistant security and DART distributed database.
Build for the real-world in 50+ programming languages
Convert real-world assets into digital tokens
Make your assets liquid, tradeable and accessible. Use tokens to represent ownership, value, access rights to various assets, such as real estate, natural land, art, financial instruments and more.
Trace and monitor your goods and services with full transparency
Bring accountability and efficiency to your full value chain. Assess and manage goods and services in real-time. Reduce blind spots and increase visibility of your network.
Create your own customised networks, products and services
Thanks to sub-DARTs you can customise your network to work according to your rules. Create incentives and governance rules that suit your context.
Optimise your data accuracy. Stay compliant, efficient and secure at low cost
Read, write, update and delete data seamlessly. A flexible asset and data management system, the DART Distributed Database keeps your information dynamic, evolving overtime.
Ecosystem visualisation
We're building a new era of distributed technology. A modular network to architect real world use cases. Tagion offers customisation and specialisation at every layer and is run by and for the community. Hover over each module to learn more.
Connect with currencies
Tagion offers fast, efficient transactions without compromising decentralisation or security. Our DEX will ensure seamless trading with various currencies, both crypto and fiat.
Participate in a fair economy
Picture this: easy money transfers, borrowing, lending, investing, and more with Tagion. We're all about fairness - no one can take unfair advantage because the network is built to include, rather than exclude and exploit.
Build the future
Shape the future by designing your own rules in custom ecosystems and applications. Explore limitless possibilities across industries like supply chain, arts, nature conservation, banking, healthcare, and audit.
Tagion Decentralised
Exchange Protocol
Exchange digital assets seamlessly. Tagion Decentralised Exchange Protocol will enable real price discovery and transparency to create the best use of liquidity and pricing.
Common Good Network Governance
Based on Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom's principles of governing common resources, Tagion combines Node Governance with reputation-weighted scoring: a novel self-regulation method. We're creating a network where everyone has a stake, fostering an ecosystem that values contribution, collaboration, and mutual growth.
Node Swapping
Tagion introduces a permissionless system for Hashgraph, allowing random node swapping based on reputational scores and operator performance. Node Swapping reduces the risk of Sybil attacks and enables the network to be decentralised.
DART Distributed Database and Hashgraph Consensus Mechanism
DART offers distributed and scalable storage for applications, ensuring data integrity and back up. You can create customised solutions with sub-DARTs with specific case-based rules and integrated trading capabilities. The DART can handle large amounts of data efficiently as the databases are distributed across nodes and you can delete obsolete data, optimising the network capacity.
Hashgraph is a revolutionary technology that ensures agreement across nodes, offering a secure and reliable distributed ledger. Unlike traditional blockchains, which rely on probability, Hashgraph consensus is deterministic. There is always an definitive order of events, so there is greater trust, accuracy and reliability in the network.
Inclusive. Elastic.
Decentralised. Scalable.
Tagion is a DLT infrastructure for transaction-based economies with a customisable stack, high transaction per second (TPS), low fees and zero to none environmental impact.
We have combined a state-of-the-art distributed Tagion Hashgraph with groundbreaking Wavefront, syncing the graph between nodes, and an aBFT consensus mechanism with a distributed database to bring you a dual layered solution for efficient, fungible and massively scalable use cases.
Time to finality
2880 min
Environmental impact
kWh p/tx
Time to finality
15 min
Environmental impact
kWh p/tx
Time to finality
60 min
Environmental impact
kWh p/tx
Time to finality
8 seconds
Environmental impact
kWh p/tx
*Tagion enables sharding for unlimited TPS in the future
Permissionless Tagion Hashgraph and Wavefront
Everyone can provide the tagion infrastructure by operating a node with this delivering the Tagion network. Tagion Hashgraph ensures consensus among nodes, so everyone knows the truth and one truth only. Wavefront protocol provides efficient synchronisation between two nodes’ state of the Hashgraph with no communication overhead, delivering an efficient network consensus mechanism that has ordering and is scalable.
Towards a Common Good governed by the Community
Tagion's goal is to build a Common Good resource based on Elinor Ostrom's principles, where the community governs the system, and anyone can be a community member. Contributors, including node operators, core members, ambassadors, and developers, are rewarded and given a weighted vote based on their contribution and reputation.
DART - A Secure and Scalable Distributed Database
Distributed applications require scalable storage with data integrity, resilience, and backup, all of which the DART system provides. It efficiently stores SHA-256 hashes using a data structure with 256 leaves. The DART includes a cryptographic fingerprint called a bullseye, which is updated upon modification, ensuring data integrity. Users can create custom sub-darts with their own governance and delete obsolete data.
Core building blocks
For a real decentralised, independent, censorship resistant, borderless monetary system and banking infrastucture.
Permissionless Tagion Hashgraph and Wavefront
Hashgraph - an Alternative to classical blockchain that provides ordering with full security
Wavefront - a solution to network congestion
Unique Node Swapping Mechanism for a Permissionless System
Building towards a Common Good governed by the Community
Empowering community ownership and governance of Tagion network
Proof of Community - Reputation-weighted voting and rewards
A Self-Sustainable Common Good Revenue Model
DART Distributed Database
DART - A powerful Distributed Database built into the network
It`s Distributed
It`s Scalable
It`s Resilient
Sub-DARTs host sub-ecosystems with own governance rules and applications
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