We dream of a future where everyone has equal opportunities to participate in a fair economy. Today, we are actively building our dream - a modular, decentralised, scalable and secure network infrastructure for real human interactions. And the best part, is that we are building it together with you.
Our vision
Our vision is to pioneer a real global alternative to the incumbent financial systems that is open for everyone.
Financial systems should benefit everyone and not the few. Everyone deserves the freedom to choose alternatives and create the best life and prosperity for themselves. Tagion enables an efficient economy where every actor is empowered to build their optimal future.
2017 - 2022
Research and Development
Establishing foundational technology and governance concepts and prototypes.
2023 - 2027
Utility and Adoption
Building real utility and adoption.
Providing customisable infrastructure for a businesses, communities and developers.
We are here
2028 - 2033
Integrated Financial Ecosystem
Capital market with robust marketplace and use cases powered by genuine governance and voting system that takes decisions on a social and monetary level.
Our values
We believe in transparency, privacy and solving real problems.
Non-political and independent
Democratic and open
Quality and collaboration
Freedom and responsibility
Privacy and transparency
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