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Achieving True Decentralisation with Node Swapping
Tagion promotes decentralisation through node swapping.
18 Oct 2023
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Security is embedded in Tagion's infrastructure
Ensuring the robustness of a DLT network against malicious threats is crucial. Tagion enhances security of the network with time-based staking and Hashgraph.
17 Oct 2023
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Tagion's massive scalability potential
Tagion employs innovative techniques to achieve scalability on a never seen before scale.
14 Oct 2023
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Spotlight: the challenges of the DLT Trilemma
The crypto trilemma looms large in the realm of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), representing a challenge in search for the perfect solution.
4 Oct 2023
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Engineering Tokenomics for the Long Run
Tokenomics can be compared to a garden. Just as a well-tended garden requires the right balance of plants, nutrients, and care to flourish, a successful tokenomics system relies on the careful cultivation of incentives both on supply and demand sides to create a thriving long-term ecosystem.
27 Sep 2023
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Tagion Stands Out from the Crowd
We held the 3rd Tagion Community Townhall to discuss the technical infrastructure and economic principles — the backbones of Tagion network that make it unique. Thanks everyone for joining!
23 Sep 2023
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Why Tagion uses Hashgraph
We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Theis Simonsen, co-founder of Tagion, to delve into the narrative behind Tagion's evolution. In this article, we invite you to explore the intriguing origins of Tagion and gain insights into the rationale behind adopting Hashgraph technology — a choice that sets Tagion apart in the world of blockchain and distributed systems.
18 Aug 2023
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Redefining Money
Money plays a leading role in our lives. It shapes our actions, ambitions and aspirations. We work hard to earn it and eagerly seek opportunities to make it grow.
26 May 2023