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A quote from @Carsten_Keutmann on whether a decentralised DNS solution would build a better Web? And does the Internet have a Trust layer? Where do Trustless systems fit in?

“Creating incentives for good behaviour and not exploiting people for money […] my vision is to establish an online decentralised reputation system, that enables people to trust other people, cross-platforms, and systems pseudo-anonymously. “Trust” can be expressed as a value that takes energy to build up (effort * time). This energy goes into securing the network, just like miners spend energy to secure bitcoin.”

Agree? Disagree?


Economies of Scale refer to monetary systems, open finance, banking as a service, payment as a service, touching base on stablecoins and digital currencies. What is wrong with the traditional systems and where does open finance fit in?

“All the credit risk metric is flawed. The market absorbed “too big to fail” concepts after GFC and now there is very little (if any) difference between biggest counterparties like banks.” – Gregory Klumov, CEO Stasis.