Tagion roadmap

The team behind Tagion has spent a significant amount of time, funding itself, while building core components: Hashgraph, Gossip protocol, DART database, HiBON data format, the underlying API and more.

We keep implementing new functionality and getting closer to the major milestone, where we can open-source the Tagion project and launch the main network.


  • Ideation of BitCuits by Carsten Bleser Rasmussen.


  • July - Tagion project is formally started by the three founders.
  • December - 'Blockchain-based proof of concept network tested.


  • January - Redesigned network to use Hashgraph instead of Blockchain.
  • April - Confirmed that our design is not violating any patents.
  • July - Implemented β-version of HBSON (now HiBON) data format.
  • August - Implemented α-version of transaction API.
  • October - Implemented α-version of Gossip protocol.
  • November - Implemented α-version of Hashgraph consensus protocol.
  • December - Formed the core principles of the node governance model. Successfully tested Hashgraph implementation in a closed network.


  • January - Implemented α-version of scripting engine.
  • April - Implemented α-version of DART.
  • July - Filed patents for Gossip protocol and DART.
  • September - Formed the core principles of the economic governance model.
  • October - Implemented β-version of HiBON and HiBON-RPC.
  • December - α-launch of developer package and test node.


  • June - _basic release on GitHub.
  • July - HiBON release on GitHub.
  • August - Alpha test network release.
  • December - AlphaTwo released


  • February - Tagion AlphaThree release
  • April - Release of Tagion AlphaFour and α-version of Tagion wallet for iOS, Android and SDK tools
  • May - Tagion AlphaFive/BetaOne release (The purpose of alpha releases is to have a stable core running distributed)

Will be updated soon…