Tagion News

We hope this letter finds you well in spite of Covid-19 and all the changes it has brought about in the world. For us, the new world has just highlighted the need for a decentralized monetary system such as Tagion. In fact, it has inspired us o much that two of our team members have put their thoughts on paper. If you have the time, visit the forum and read Theis Simonsen’s thought on the world economy and its future. Before you dive into the great article, please take the time to read all about the latest and exciting developments at Tagion.

Team Updates

At the moment we have an open position for a Senior Developer. We are after a skilled candidate that ideally is seasoned within secure transaction systems and passionate about distributed ledger technology. Do let us know if you know anyone that first the description.

Technology Updates

Following the successful release of the Tagion Dev Node, next up is HiBON and HiRPC . They will both be released shortly under an open license as standards.

  • HiBON (Hash invariant Binary Object Notation) will be made available on www.hibon.org. It is used as a binary object notation, which allows for each node to secure data independently of each other, while leaving data invariant (unchanged) in the database.
  • HiRPC (Hash invariant Remote Procedure Call), www.hirpc.org, makes it possible to ensure that the data sent from another node roots from the same distributed database. More, we expect an alpha release of the network in June.

Over the summer we release a crypto wallet with an integrated reward system. Please let us know if you’d like to join and help us test version 0.1. Ultimately, this wallet will be connected to Tagion and be the one-stop-shop for all daily transaction needs.

Tagion Community and Press

More time has been invested in our community building, and that shows:

The Tagion LinkedIn profile now counts 453 followers

We have started to share more of the knowledge that we have gathered during the Tagion project in articles. These are available on forum.tagion.org. We would like to encourage you to read and discuss these, as it is by being challenged that we learn the most.

Every two months we are organising Open Forum Series by Tagion - live chats with reputable guests. Read here the summary of our last event here:

Please reach out if you’d like to participate in the next session, happening this month.

On behalf of the Tagion Team,

Tobias Ambs-Thomsen