First Release of Justpay - The Wallet for Tagion

We are happy to introduce our first consumer-facing application, where you can transfer test-tagions on a test-network (AlphaFour version).

How to try?

The AlphaFour wallet release comes only in the iPhone version. Android support will be added with the next release. You need two devices (sender and receiver) to make a transaction.

When you open the app for the first time, it will generate a Tagion AlphaNet wallet for you and automatically request 500 test-tagions from the central wallet. You can send and receive test-tagions, using a one-time address system.

  1. Download the app for iOS
  2. Wait for 500 tagions to arrive in your wallet
  3. Ask someone for a one-time address
  4. Send to that one-time address
  5. Generate your one-time address and share it with the sender

What is a one-time address?

Technically, the tagion database stores bill records, not transactions nor accounts with balances.

To receive tagions, you create an empty tagion bill with your signature, that will be “filled” by the sender with his signature. This design makes Tagion transactions anonymous and practically untraceable.

We are working on making second-layer solutions that will bring a much better user experience, so you can pay to contacts, instead of these long and scary addresses.

Note on speed

There is a difference between a reservation and a final settlement. A reservation in the current banking systems can occur almost instantly (a second or two when we use our credit cards to buy groceries and the like). In contrast, the final settlement often takes more than 12 hours to complete and a lot more if using your credit card abroad.

Reservations are not yet implemented in Tagion, so what you experience is final settlements, and these take up to a minute to complete.

Give us some feedback

We have a system for working with bugs and a good way to capture suggestions. And we are counting on you to help us increase the quality of our products by sending feedback.

We accept feedback through a Google Form.

Limitation and known issues

500 Test-TGN failed to deliver

If more than a minute passed, and you didn’t receive your initial 500 Test-TGN, go to Settings (upper-right corner), press “Reissue card”.

Update error when refreshing balance

Most likely it’s a network connectivity issue. We are working on making the error messages more helpful. In the meantime, check your internet connection and try again. If it doesn’t help, try restarting the app.