Changes on the forum

We have decided to simplify and restructure the forum, and to start actually using it for open discussions.

What’s going to change?

Forum structure

The forum will become a home for contributors, classified by levels:

  • Protocol level
  • Software level
  • Adoption level

Each community will have its own category on the forum. Inside each category, there will be little to no structure initially. We expect it to appear naturally over time.


At the time of writing this post, we don’t have a dedicated homepage. leads straight to the forum. Originally, it seemed like a good idea, but we realized that forum structure is not the right tool to hook new people in. It’s too hard to get around for newcomers.

To account for this, we are creating a new homepage, with all the general information and quick links to the most important resources. It, of course, will be open-source, hosted on GitHub, and open for contributions. Run by developers, used by everyone.