Centralized or Decentralized? It’s Your Money

Your money, when it’s not in your pocket, is probably connected to the world’s banking system. Your euros or dollars or pesos or crowns are currently electrons in a database. They can be sent around the world to end up in someone else’s database, or to a machine that spits out cash.
The system that holds and sends your money has financial institutions all controlled by central banks. And for the whole system, the most important decisions are made by astonishingly few people. The Federal Reserve Board in the United States, for example, is made up of just seven people.

But it’s not always been that way. That same board was created only in 1913, and the Fed gained control over transaction processing as the result of a bank panic in 1907. Commercial banks stopped trusting each other, and stopped processing each other’s checks. It was a move made to restore trust.

Now we have digital banking - the same databases that ‘hold’ your money also ‘hold’ algorithms for processing payments. Perhaps we don’t need the people any longer, just like we have traffic lights instead of police directing traffic on every corner. Central bankers can now focus on other aspects of keeping the economy running instead, and let payment processing take care of itself on automated platforms.

Tagion is one such platform for processing payments. Tagion’s users make general decisions about the algorithms, and then the system implements them. It’s faster, cheaper, and less prone to political or commercial pressure.

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A centralized system can be easily manipulated. So decentralized should be the future of our economy where the power will be distributed not held by a group of people.

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I guess decentralization represents more of ‘your money’ since you are in full control of your funds. People are getting fed up with the loopholes in the centralised monetary system.

This is a very promising project.The team is excellent,As for the idea itself,it is relevant in modern times.I admire its continuous development.The project has very ambitious plans to conquer the market.Thumbs up to the whole team! Hope that this project will successful

Decentralized for sure. I would love to be in control of my own money. I am my own bank.