Beta test will be open for everyone?

We know that a beta test will be run in 2021. So that will be open for everyone of some selected candidet will test the platform?


Per the last AMA, it will be a public testnet. If not, they would have clearly stated it that it will be a close door testnet which I know they are doing now. We should all have access to it when it goes live.


Great, I look forward to the whole process. I hope the beta testing is open to the public to increase participation and diversity.

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I’m waiting for the beta test too. After the beta test is successful, the tagion will continue to improve faster.

looks like the beta test will be publicly tested on everyone, I can’t wait for that to come either

I would like to test their DEX. Also, the concepts of their elastic supply look pretty practical to me.

I hope beta test will be open to all those who are interested or meet the criteria !

Hi all, any guidance as to how to sign up for the beta test? Cheers!