Alpha_two release

Tagion alpha_two is now released. The purpose of the alpha releases is to create a stable core; a stable and operational node. We will not set up a public test network at each release as it does not necessarily improve progress, but instead release the binaries so that the network can be run on your machine.
The release cycle is every six weeks going forward from January 11, and we expect 2-4 more alpha releases before all core functionality is implemented and the node is stable. You can see the draft release plan as well in GitHub - it is a draft and a rolling plan.

The purpose of the alpha_two is to fix the stability of the network in internal mode.

The release contains the same functionality as the alpha_one release, except that alpha_two is now more stable than alpha_one and the debugging capabilities have been improved. Several bugs have been fixed. See release note for more information.

Please, report bugs/issues in GitHub, but only bugs and attach the error log. General questions should be asked here.

Have fun playing with it,

Tagion core team


This release would hopefully improve the network as
stated considering the amount of work that have been put in place by the developers to fix several bugs in the system. This is good for the network stability.

Congrats on alpha_two release. One step closer.

It won’t be easy for someone who does not know how to use github. But I hope the team will succeed to improve platform quality.

Congrats on this. Tagion’s vision is awesome and I’m enthused to see more releases geared towards the release of the main and fully functional Tagion network. So looking at the number of cycles yet to be released, we have many more weeks to go to get to the full network.